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Arcus on The Stock Exchange

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History of Share Transactions



9/Introduction of A and B series shares of Arcus S.A. to trading on the WSE main market.
(current report no. 31/2008 of 17 June 2008)

8/Decision of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority of 6 June 2008 on discontinuation of administrative proceedings initiated on the basis of Polish Financial Supervision Authority decision of 30 November 2007 - File no. DEM/419/02/31/08.
(Current report no. 30/2008 of 12 June 2008)

7/Decision of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority on the institution of administrative proceedings
(Current report no. 38/2007 of 03 December 2007)

6/ Decision of Polish Financial Supervision Authority of 16 November 2007
Current report no. 32/2007 of 16 November 2007)

5/ Polish Financial Supervision Authority's letter of 26 October 2007
(Current report no. 23/2007 of 07 November 2007)

4/Decision of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority on the institution of administrative proceedings.
(Current report no. 18/2007 of 27 October 2007)

3/Summary of the Public Offering
(Current report no. 13/2007 of 14 September 2007)

2/Permission for the A and B series shares to be traded, including rights to B series shares.
(Current report no. 12/2007 of 06 September 2007)

1/ Announcement on final allocation of 2.296.681 bearer B series shares.
(Current report no. 7/2007 of 03 September 2007)

II/ Share split

III/ Dividend
No dividend payable for 2007

Acting pursuant to article 395.2.2 of the Commercial Companies Code and Par. 7.8 a) of ARCUS S.A. Company's Articles of Association, the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholder decided to allocte the entire profit for 2007of PLN 8 593 822/58 to the reserve capital. The amount of profit for 2007 includes profit for 2006.
(Current report no. 20/2008 of 09 May 2008 and 22/2008 of 28 May 2008 - Resolution no. 16)

IV/ Subscription rights 

V/ Subsequent issues of shares

b/detailed terms and conditions of issue of subscription warrants for registered A series shares and C series bearer shares.
(Current report no. 59/2008 of 18. 12. 2008)

a/ The Management Board of Arcus S.A. (Company)presents the attached resolutions adopted by the Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders dated 14.10.2008 (EMS). There were no objections to any of the resolutions of the EMS.
(Current report no. 52/2008 of 14.10.2008)

VI/ Subsequent introduction to trading

VII/ Calls

VIII/ Obligatory buyback