Correspondence Management

Systems for Mass Correspondence Management include solutions based on ARCUS S.A. fifteen-years experience on the postal market and cooperation with American partner – Pitney Bowes – worldwide supplier of devices for correspondence management. The solutions based on unique patents of Pitney Bows, were included in the Company’s offer in 2001. Previously, the cooperation with such companies as Bell & Howell (USA), Frama (Switzerland) and Plockmatic (Sweden), was of similar nature.

In the first half of 2007, ARCUS started the implementation of comprehensive solutions aimed at automation of sorting processes as regards the correspondence and mail both in logistics centers and postal distributional nodes on the Polish market. The aforementioned systems shall be based on technological solutions of Solystic – French company belonging to Northrop Grumman corporation specializing in designing, implementing and manufacturing of devices for correspondence sorting and processing.

The implemented solutions shall be aimed at optimization of correspondence and mail processing in order to increase the throughput of distributional nodes and decrease the amount of manually processed correspondence.

Polish market of comprehensive systems for automation of correspondence and mail sorting is at early growth stage and its development shall be strictly connected with development prospects and automation level of postal services market.