The company’s operation is associated with the collection and storage of many documents. For efficient work and access to information, including documents, organisation should be support by software and systems that improve digital document management and circulation.

One of the solutions of the Arcus Group is the document circulation system and their electronic archiving Vario. It works in small (Vario.ONE) and large enterprises (including Vario.BPM).


An environment for creating solutions and a family of document management products. Vario enables information management throughout the enterprise. The system’s flexibility makes it possible to define specialist facilities and functionalities, tailored not only to specific industries, but to the individual requirements of each client. It is a perfect complement to the functionality of multifunction printers. Cooperation with them enables obtaining electronic versions of traditional documents and their easy cataloging, indexing and sharing. The graphical document flow modeler allows to design and run document flows in planned paths.

Fakturomat is software that replaces the manual rewriting of data from paper invoices and their electronic forms. The system reads, interprets, checks and sends data to the accounting program. The application recognizes domestic and foreign invoices and correcting invoices.